Certified ScrumMaster Training (CSM)

Training focused on preparing Scrum Masters for the coaching and facilitation role they will play in the successful adoption of Scrum in the organization. This training is based on my experience and best practices in the implementations I've been involved with. Students learn the basics of Scrum, how to get it started, and how to keep it going in their organizations.

Scrum Team Training

Introduction to Scrum and description of how the team must work together to deliver better software in each Sprint. Simply creating a group of people does not make a team. The team must understand the fundamental steps in forming a team and how to then become a high-performance team. The focus of this training is to build a culture of continuous improvement, one of the keys to a successful Scrum Team.

Scrum Training for Product Owners (Certified and Introduction)

Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) and Introduction to Scrum for Product Owners will help establish the base for starting successful Scrum projects. Product Owners need to understand what will happen in their interaction with Scrum teams and how the role fits into the framework. Building the product backlog and keeping it in a "healthy" state is key to success. Product owners will learn how to maintain good relationships and deliver customer value.

Scrum Training for Executives and Managers

Having executive leadership and management support for adopting Scrum in an organization is critical to its success. My background in both technical and senior leadership roles helps bridge the gap and move the organization forward. People will need the support of their managers to help communicate and resolve issues as they arise. This training will give a brief overview of the framework and the expectations and best practices based on experience for managers and executives.

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